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Financial Aid

Financial Aid is monetary assistance from institutional, governmental, or private source that is available to assist students in affording educational costs. This Financial aid could be in the form of academic scholarships, tuition waiver, study loans, and student employment.

Financial aid is available at RPSU to help you pay your university costs.

How you will pay for your education is sometimes an important part of deciding which institution you will attend. Financial Aid Office (FAO) of Ronada Prashad Shaha University understands student’s need and plan for their future career. We also understand that many families need help for filling in the gap between what they can afford and the resources needed to pay university education costs. RPSU attaches a high priority to financial aid and the university has a standing commitment to meet the financial need of eligible students. The comprehensive FINANCIAL AID PROGRAM of Ronada Prashad Shaha University is administered by a high-powered Financial Assistance Committee (FAC) generally consists of panel of members of the Board of Trustees and high officials of the University.

The RPSU student aid program, which encouraged the students to apply for monetary help if they believe that they will need assistance in order to attend Ronada Prashad Shaha University. FAO is presently consists of 4 (four) members headed by Deputy Director, FAO started its operation from 1993 being responsible for corresponding, coordinating and organizing the overall FINANCIAL AID PROGRAM to the students. A total of 160 students have been granted full/partial tuition waiver in Fall 2016 semester. Out of which, 21 students granted full (100%) waiver, 32 students 75%, 44 students enjoyed 50% and 63 students 25% tuition waiver which altogether stands about Tk. 5 crore per year on an average. In the way to help needy and meritorious students and for the socioeconomic development of the country, RPSU has disbursed a significant amount of Tk. 12.79 crore (approximately) as financial assistance since inception to Fall 2016 semester.