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Undergraduate Fee Structure

  1. Admission Fees
  • Admission Fee 15,000/-
  • Each student has to pay Tk. 7,000/- as Caution money (Refundable) during the time of admission.
  1. Tuition Fees (Per Credit)
Program/Degree Tuition Fees
(Per Credit)
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 4,000 TK
Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) 4,000 TK
Bachelor of Professional Pharmacy (B Pharm Profe) 4,000 TK
BS in Computer Science & Engineering 4,000 TK
BS in Economics 4,000 TK
BS in Electronics and Electrical Engineering 4,000 TK
BS in Environmental Management 4,000 TK
BS in English 4,000 TK
BS in Computer Engineering 4,000 TK
BA in English-TESOL, Linguistics, Literature 4,000 TK
BA in Human Rights 4000 TK
BA in Law 4000 TK


  1. Other Fees (Per Semester)
Particulars Fees
(Per Semester)
Computer Lab Fee 2,500
Student Activity Fee 3,000
Library Fee 1,500
Science Lab Fee (Excluding Architecture & Pharmacy) 2,500
Studio Lab Fee (Architecture) 2,000


Fees For Other Certificate Courses:

Sl No Name Of The Courses Fees Per Course
(In BDT)
01 Digital and on-line Librarianship (CDOL) 10,000
02 English Certificate Course 7,000
03 English Spoken Course (CEP) 7,000
04 English Course General Skill for Professional 6,000
05 Chinese Language Course 5,000 to 7,000
06 French Language Course 6,000

*Tuition waiver may be available as per RPSU policy.


Withholding Student Records

The University withholds students’ academic records for non-payment of tuition and fees and other appropriate charges or for not returning University property.

Admission Fee

The non-refundable Admission fee is assessed for admitted applicants following an admission test and before registration begins. An applicant forfeits the right of admission if the Admission Fee is not paid by the due date. Applicants are notified of such due dates by notice posted at RPSU Registrar’s Office.

Student Activity Fee

The Student Activity Fee is due at the time of registration each semester the student is enrolled. This fee is used to support a broad range of student activities and interests.